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shell w/ colours and ENV

syncing my home dir to a usb drive

debian chroot on android (asus tf300t w/ cyanogenmod 10)

vagrant base box: precise64-flx

how to build a more secure vagrant base box

build ffmpeg

building chromium (on ubuntu 12.04) w/ extra ffmpeg codecs

dnsmasq for internal network

git basics

grub2 password protection

Manual Installation of OpenELEC for Raspberry Pi on SD card

phonegap/android development (on ubuntu 12.04 amd64)

ssh restricted commands

test VM: vagrant, etckeeper, postgresql, mongodb, ...

using the phonegap barcode library

vagrant + nginx + ssl

bash functions

head+tail with perl

list github repos and gists (w/ desc, home, branches)

relative path - reduce + mbind

obfusk-data w/ mongoid